Do or die productions is...

A Chicagoland production company specializing in audio. Whether you need to record your next single or you need some live sound help, we can make the sound a truly exceptional experience.  We pride ourselves on providing the most talented and reliable engineers for venues, bands, and festivals.  If you need event support we can work with you to make sure that your show is a success.


About CEO Andrew N Dewar

Andrew N Dewar lives, breathes, and sometimes when he's real hungry, he eats sound. With sound being a passion of his down to the core it is hard to find someone else so committed to making things always sound great. He doesn't bias towards live work or studio work because they both involve his truest passion: Audio Engineering. With a bachelor's degree in "Sound Recording and Media Technologies" from Northern Illinois University and the desire to make an impact in the music and audio community, Andrew N Dewar is looking forward to helping make your sound a great one.